[ltp] seeking love for Thinkpad "Convertible" Tablet-PC

Dan Saint-Andre linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 08 Jul 2013 11:27:32 -0500

    Now that the "tablet" seems to be winning favor with all sorts of
folks, I would appreciate help from others who have made solid Linux
workstations and tablets with their Thinkpad Convertible Tablet-PC.

   There are all sorts of things that work very well under the Windows-7
boot, but that Linux continues to choke on. Both IBM and Lenovo have
traditionally been Linux friendly so I don't understand why some of
these things are not stone-cold resolved.

    I continue to have trouble with touch and stylus operations. Manual
and automatic rotation are a big problem. Calibration is big problem as
well. Other troubles involve suspend-to-disk (hibernate) and
suspend-to-ram (sleep). There are other issues -- some annoying like the
fingerprint reader; others are frustrating, like the various mechanical

When I speak of the Convertible Tablet-PC, I mean: (I own these)
**  X61-tablet, both touch and non-touch
**  X220-tablet, multi-touch

Also, there are (I don't own these)
**  X201-tablet
**  X230-tablet

My prefered Linux is Mint-12...15. Mint is built on Ubuntu.
In every case, I have loads of RAM and DISK and the Ultrabase dock.

~~~ 0;-Dan
Austin, TX