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>      Don't mind the sarcasm.  As much as you're frustrated, so are the
> technically proficient people.  You're just receiving some spillover.
> If "regular people" cared enough, then the technically proficient
> people - especially the people who actually fix these problems - would
> have a lot more support (and pressure on some vendors who make life
> quite difficult for nonsensical reasons).
>      I quite sympathize with you, re: release numbers. I was running
> Ubuntu 12.4 LTS until quite recently, for just such reasons. I
> upgraded to 13 a few weeks back, and now my laptop doesn't always
> resume.  It seems frustrating and you wonder why you bother, but part
> of that is due to human selective memory.  Linux works so well, so
> much of the time, that it's a bigger letdown when it fails.  \
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    Again, I'm speaking with those folks who use a Thinkpad
"Convertible" Tablet-PC and some variant of Linux. Yes, we are a
minority, but this workstation has a lot of features that other
platforms are still chasing. How can we cooperate with each other
to make things work better?

    As mentioned above, it mostly works. So much so, that we mostly
work around (or without) the troubled features. Here is my list of
troubles in mostly priority order.

1a. Getting to tablet-mode (portrait screen, no keyboard) and back to
   laptop-mode (landscape screen, with keyboard).
1b. Working buttons on the bezel when in tablet-mode
2. Stylus and touch "calibration"
3. "Sleep" and "Wake" -- suspend-to-ram and resume-from-ram
4. "Freeze" and "Thaw" -- suspend-to-disk and resume-from-disk
5. interactions with the Ultrabase drive bay

If some folks have these mostly working, please share your configuration
details so that others might try them.

If some folks know details about config files, logs, diagnostic setting
and such please share your information so that we might pool
our analysis and attract thoroughbred developer attention.

    I own a Galaxy Note 8-inch tablet and love it.  I've had a
convertible tablet-PC since 2008 and love them. With the dock removed
the form factor is only slightly more bulky than my wife's iPad™ and a
lot more functional. My primary workstation is an X220-tablet. I also
have two X61-tablets, one high-res-no-touch, one low-res-with-touch.
All are running Linux Mint-11 or Mint-12.

~~~ 0;-Dan

RE: Sarcasm -- "Sometimes the only solution is to find a new problem."